Rose- Emerald Green & White Burlap - Magnetic Lapel Flower


rourose14 -whitegreen-burlap

The fabric flowers are hand cut, starched and made from some of the finest fabric. Each unique flower comes equipped with one of the worlds strongest small magnets. This enables customers to apply the flowers to jacket lapels with, or without buttonholes. The magnetic flower creates a universal accessory for fashion enthusiast to wear boutonnieres/ lapel flowers on sweaters, vest, and jacket lapels. The magnets are strong enough to attract and stay attached through all fabrics. (Leather, suede, cotton, linen, silk,etc. )


- Approximately 2" in Diameter

- Hand cut and Hand made

- Fine Cloth Fabric

Collections: Large Magnepels

Category: green, large, rose, white

Type: Large Flower

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